Keep your teeth healthy with these simple and easy-to-remember tips.

Schedule a professional cleaning every six months

Every six months, you should visit your favorite family dental clinic. In some cases, you might benefit from visiting the dentist every three months based on your individual case and the dentist’s recommendation.

Get a new toothbrush every three months

Plaque, bacteria, acids, and debris are prevented from building up with brushing and flossing. Even if the brush doesn’t appear “dirty,” it can reintroduce these contaminants, causing you to harm the very teeth and gums you’re trying to protect.

Replace your toothbrush with an electric one

Many of us don’t bother brushing our teeth when we’re busy. Many patients do not brush for the recommended two minutes or reach every tooth they brush. They may brush until bored, accidentally brush over their teeth, or use inconsistent pressure or techniques.

You can clean your teeth much more thoroughly with an electric toothbrush than with a traditional toothbrush

Regularly rinse with Flouride

Over the years, fluoride treatments have caused intermittent controversy. When applied topically and in conjunction with a schedule of constant oral care, fluoride can act as a further preventive measure against tooth decay. If you want to help protect your teeth against tooth decay, talk to your dentist about fluoridated treatments.

Floss Your Teeth Every Day

Your teeth are probably already being brushed twice daily, but you should consider adding flossing between each pair of teeth to one of those brushings.

Consume a broader range of healthy foods

Throughout the world, dietary guidelines now follow a similar pattern after years of development. The healthiest diets are those that are loaded with fruits, vegetables, and protein, and healthy fats in the right amounts.