Family Dentistry in Wilmington, NC

Taking care of oral health at every stage of life.

Nurturing Your Family’s Dental Health in Wilmington

The highest standard of dental care in Wilmington, NC.

Welcome to Hoggard Family Dentistry in Wilmington, NC, where we offer exceptional dental care for all ages. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality treatment that caters to everyone, from children to seniors. We understand that each family member has unique dental needs, and we’re committed to making every visit to our clinic comfortable and reassuring. At Hoggard Family Dentistry, we ensure personalized care for a positive dental experience for your entire family.

Nurturing Your Family’s Dental Health in Wilmington

Your Family’s Oral Health in Expert Hands

At Hoggard Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of oral health at every stage of life. Our team of skilled family dentists is trained to preserve and enhance oral health in both adults and children. When you visit our office, you can be confident that your family will receive the dental care they truly deserve.

A Pleasant and Comfortable Visit for All Ages

Our goal is to make every visit to our office as pleasant and comfortable as possible. From the warm smiles of our front-desk team to the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by our experienced professionals, you’ll discover what patient-centered dentistry means. With Hoggard Family Dentistry, you’re not just getting a dental service; you’re gaining a partner in your family’s oral health journey.

Comprehensive Family Dental Services

At our family dental practice, we provide a comprehensive array of services designed to meet the diverse dental needs of your entire family. Our offerings include:

1. Routine Cleanings and Exams – Essential for maintaining oral health, these regular check-ups help prevent dental issues before they develop.

2. Fluoride Treatments – A key element in fighting tooth decay, fluoride treatments strengthen the enamel and protect your teeth.

3. Dental Sealants & Fillings – We offer protective sealants to shield the grooves of the teeth from decay, as well as fillings to restore teeth affected by cavities.

4. Oral Cancer Screenings – Early detection is vital. Our screenings are a precautionary measure to identify any signs of oral cancer.

5. Gum Disease Prevention & Treatment – We focus on the health of your gums, offering both preventive care and treatments to combat gum disease, ensuring the longevity of your dental health.

Benefits of Choosing Hoggard Family Dentistry

  1. Convenient, All-in-One Oral Care

Our family dentistry practice is your comprehensive destination for oral health care, catering to every member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest. We provide a full spectrum of dental services, all conveniently available under one roof. This includes regular hygiene visits and thorough exams, essential for maintaining oral health. Additionally, we offer a variety of restorative procedures to repair and enhance dental function, as well as cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. We aim to ensure that every family member receives personalized, top-quality dental care in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

  1. Comprehensive Exams for All Ages

Our dental practice is dedicated to conducting comprehensive dental examinations for patients across all age groups. Our skilled team goes beyond just assessing the health of your teeth and gums. We also perform oral cancer screenings as a standard part of our evaluation process. Our goal is to not only preserve and enhance the beauty of your smile but also to proactively identify any restorative treatments that may be necessary. This thorough approach ensures that we maintain the overall health and aesthetics of your smile, keeping it bright and healthy for years to come.

  1. Emphasis on Preventive Dentistry

Our philosophy centers on the crucial role of establishing and maintaining a robust oral hygiene routine, coupled with the regularity of dental checkups, as the cornerstone of enduring oral health. We emphasize the importance of prevention, recognizing that addressing potential dental issues early on is fundamental to preserving a healthy, vibrant smile. By fostering good dental habits and ensuring consistent care, we aim to prevent complications before they develop, ensuring your oral health remains in optimal condition.

Your Typical Dental Visit at Hoggard Family Dentistry

What to Expect During Your Family Dental Care Visit

Following the American Dental Association (ADA) recommendations, we advise our patients to visit our dental office at least every six months. These checkups are essential for maintaining oral health for you and your children.

A visit to our family dentist includes:

  1. Dental Cleanings – Our hygienists use ultrasonic devices for deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. They also guide you through effective brushing and flossing techniques and may take X-rays for further evaluation.
  2. Clinical Examination – After cleaning, our dentist examines your smile and x-rays to detect any issues like cavities or periodontal disease. Sealants or fluoride treatments might be recommended at this stage.
  3. Further Treatment When Necessary – If any dental problems arise, or if there are cosmetic concerns, our dentist will design a tailored treatment plan that could include fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, or more complex procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ADA advises visiting the dentist at least every six months. This will help ensure that even if a problem does arise, the team at our office will be able to catch it quickly, minimizing the cost and severity of the issue.

Yes, they are, baby teeth are there for a reason. Besides allowing your children to eat, speak and smile, baby teeth hold space for the eruption of permanent teeth. If they are lost prematurely, there are considerably higher chances of crowding in permanent dentition.

Sealants are indicated for those patients that are cavity-prone. They cover the deep fissures in the back teeth, preventing the bacterial build-up that causes cavities. Our family dentist will evaluate if your little one needs sealants for prevention purposes.

Cavities are a consequence of multiple factors, but dental plaque is by far the most important one. As a consequence, avoiding bacterial build-up is vital to prevent dental decay. At Hoggard Family Dentistry, we insist on the importance of maintaining correct oral hygiene. Every family member should brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day, and it is also advisable to use ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. This mineral strengthens the enamel’s structure and makes it more resistant to decay.

Oral cancer should be taken seriously, dentists play a key role in the evaluation and diagnosis. As it is usually found in the tongue, tonsils, floor of the mouth, and oropharynx, dental checkups are crucial for its early detection and treatment. Finding cancer early (before it spreads) significantly increases the chances of recovery.