Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC

Smile and eat with full confidence again.

Do You Have Missing Teeth or Worn Dentures?

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.

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Are you suffering from tooth loss caused by gum disease, an accident, or aging? Are you stuck with old dentures and ready for a new restoration?

You don’t have to settle for a smile that makes it hard to eat, speak, and smile naturally.

Dental implants restore the missing tooth root or roots to support a restoration using a custom-crafted crown, bridge, or denture. Your new teeth won’t slip or slide, and you can eat all of your favorite foods.

Schedule a consultation for dental implants in Wilmington, NC at Hoggard Family Dentistry and restore your smile. We use modern technology to help ensure a smooth process and beautiful results.

Why Our Patients Love Dental Implants

Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth!

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Dental implants permanently fuse with your jawbone to hold your restoration in place so you can eat and speak confidently. The fixed restoration also prevents jawbone loss caused by missing teeth.

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Natural Look

Our restorative and cosmetic dentists customize your new teeth to match or even enhance your appearance. No one has to know about your dental work, but everyone will surely notice your confidence boost.

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High Quality

Modern implants and restorations are made of durable, long-lasting materials. At Hoggard Family Dentistry, we use the latest technology and techniques to help ensure a beautiful and functional smile.

What Are the Three Stages of Dental Implants?

Replacing missing teeth with implants is easier than you think.

  • Stage 1: Consultation
    Meet with our dentists to see if you’re a candidate for implants. We’ll discuss your needs and complete a thorough dental exam, x-rays, and CBCT 3D imaging. To qualify, you must have good overall health and adequate jawbone density to support an implant.
  • Stage 2: Implant Placement
    We insert a small metal post (the implant) in place of the missing tooth root using the help of the digital scan as a guide for maximum precision. Over time, the implant fuses with the jawbone to create a foundation that securely holds your restoration.

    Next, we’ll add a connector (the abutment), which connects the implant and future restoration.

  • Stage 3: The Restoration

    Beauty and function go hand-in-hand, so we create a restoration that looks good and works just like your natural teeth. We take digital impressions of your mouth and create a custom crown, bridge, or denture that fulfills your functional needs and beauty goals.

    Once ready, we attach your tooth replacement and check for comfort and fit, and you’re ready to show off your smile!

Implant Dentures: Supported vs. Retained

Which restoration is right for you?

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures replace a full set of teeth. The restoration is fixed and permanently secured to dental implants, and we typically use six to eight implants to hold an upper or lower arch.

You can brush and floss your denture like your natural teeth and sleep comfortably in them. They stay in place and can’t be removed at home, but our dentist can detach them for deep cleaning or repairs.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures, AKA removable overdentures, can also replace all of your missing teeth. They’re supported by implants but removable for cleaning and sleeping.

The denture snaps into place onto the implants, and we typically use two to four implants for each arch. Removable implant dentures are a more budget-friendly option than permanently fixed ones and are great for those with limited jawbone density.

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‘‘They’re so dedicated to what they do and make their patients feel like family. This will forever be the best dentist in town I’ve gone to, hands down. Thank you so so so much for all y’all do! So thankful to have found a reliable and awesome dental office in Wilmington!’’

- Brittany B.

Why Choose Hoggard Family Dentistry for Dental Implants?

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best dental solutions.

Extensive dental work is an investment in both time and money. No doubt you want it done well the first time, so it’s important to choose an expert dental implant dentist. But where should you begin?

Our team at Hoggard Family Dentistry understands it can be hard to find a dentist you trust. That’s why we focus on educating you about your options and matching you with a solution that best fits your needs, goals, and budget.

You’ll never feel judged or pressured into treatment, and our only goal is to give our community the best solutions available in dental care:

Find out how we can improve your confidence and well-being through modern dental restorations with dental implants in Wilmington, NC.

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Want to Know More About Dental Implants?
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The feel, function, and appearance of natural teeth!

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FAQ about Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC

  • What is an implant-supported crown?

    An implant-supported crown is a restoration that attaches to a dental implant and replaces a missing tooth. It can be made of tooth-colored ceramic, ceramic fused to metal, or a metal alloy such as gold.

    The benefits of getting an implant-supported crown include:

    • Replaces a missing tooth without involving or altering the surrounding teeth
    • Helps maintain your bite’s position and prevents shifting teeth
    • May improve your overall smile, speech, and chewing abilities
  • What are alternatives to an implant-supported crown?
    Alternatives to crowns include replacing the missing tooth with a tooth-supported bridge or a removable partial denture. While some choose to leave the space as is, we do not recommend this because surrounding teeth may shift.

    An implant-supported crown is an investment in your oral health and can last as long as 10-20 years. The restoration’s longevity depends on each patient’s individual factors, and we can discuss these at your consultation.

    To learn more about implant-supported crowns in Wilmington, NC, please schedule an appointment today.

  • What is an implant-supported bridge with hybrid components?

    An implant-supported bridge with hybrid components has fixed and detachable parts. It’s removable by the dentist but otherwise stays securely in place.

    The fixed/detachable hybrid system uses fixed restorations (realistic-looking pink acrylic with denture teeth) supported by 4-6 dental implants with cantilevered metal.

    Bridges are usually made of four types of materials:

    • Porcelain
    • Gold Alloy (gold, platinum, or palladium)
    • Porcelain fused to a gold alloy inner core
    • Zirconia metal oxide

    The implant itself is made of titanium, and the base of the bridge is made of acrylic.

    Benefits of an implant-supported bridge with fixed/detachable (hybrid) components include:

    • Restore a smile for proper speaking and chewing
    • Help maintain tooth, bite, and jaw alignment
    • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting
    • Can treat large gaps of missing teeth
    • The denture portion is removable, making repairs easier and more cost-effective than other permanently-fixed restorations
    • Conservative treatment (there’s no need to drill down existing teeth as with traditional bridges)
  • What are the alternatives to implant-supported bridges with fixed/detachable components?

    Alternative treatment options include replacing the missing teeth with a conventional tooth-supported bridge, removable denture, or another implant-supported restoration.

    It’s important to note that your existing bite can affect the results of your implant-supported bridge. Excessive or uneven biting forces or severe bite issues may lead to porcelain wearing, implant loosening, and even gum or bone loss around the dental implant.

    Please speak to your Wilmington dentist to find out if you’re a candidate for a hybrid implant bridge.

  • What is a complete denture?

    A complete denture is a dental appliance that replaces all of the missing teeth in one jaw. It’s customized to sit comfortably over the gums, but the device is removable and can be taken out as needed.

    A complete denture is made of the base (pink acrylic) and the tooth replacement (tooth-colored acrylic or porcelain attached to the base).

    The benefits of a complete denture include:

    • Restores beauty and function
    • Helps support facial structure for a more youthful appearance
    • Cost-effective (it’s the most affordable way to replace a full arch of missing teeth)
  • What are the alternatives to complete dentures?

    Dental implants are an alternative to complete dentures. The implant can attach a crown, bridge, or complete denture based on your needs.

    It’s important to note that your existing bite can affect the results of your complete denture treatment, and in some cases, your dentist may recommend another option.

    Excess or uneven biting forces may lead to premature denture wear or breakage. Additionally, the more uneven the bite force, the more rocking during chewing you may experience.

    Speak to your dentist about the pros and cons of your tooth replacement options. Please contact Hoggard Family Dentistry to learn more about dentures in Wilmington, NC.

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